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Judgment for Defendant

On April 2, 2019, Tommie Williams and Tommie Williams, Jr., obtained a Judgment in favor of a Hospital in a trial held in Greenwood, Leflore County, Mississippi. The case was tried before Honorable Carol White-Richard, without a jury. The Plaintiff alleged that the Defendant’s negligence caused multiple hip dislocations and resulting surgeries.

The case advanced to trial on December 10, 2018. The Plaintiff alleged the Defendant was negligent in failing to enact fall precautions following a bi-polar hip replacement, thus causing a hip dislocation and multiple repair surgeries. Specifically, the Plaintiff claimed that the Defendant failed to set a bed alarm which resulted in the Plaintiff falling from bed and suffering a hip dislocation. Pleading in the alternative, the Plaintiff alleged the Defendant transferred the Plaintiff to a Nursing Home without an abduction block. The Plaintiff claimed economic damages exceeding $200,000.00. The Plaintiff claimed non-economic damages to be determined by the Judge. The defense presented expert testimony in the fields of Nursing and Orthopedic Surgery. The defense proved that the Plaintiff did not suffer a hip dislocation when he was found at the foot of his hospital bed. The defense proved that an abduction block was not ordered or required during transfer to the Nursing Home. After 3 days of trial, Judge White-Richard entered a Judgment for the Defendant.

Laura Beth Lott